Nationally-Published Journalist :: Media Manager :: Magazine Editor :: Copywriter


With more than a decade of experience as a professional journalist, I have covered a variety of topics and interests, ranging from celebrity stories with stars such as Kevin Hart and Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglass to travel features, which have included adventures like nighttime snorkeling with manta rays in Hawaii to losing my toiletries down a Mexican ravine. I have also interviewed everyone from illegal medicinal marijuana users and roller derby girls (who may or may not have been marijuana users also) to hurricane Katrina survivors and Guinness World Record holders. As a media manager for a boutique branding and marketing firm, I also write, plan and edit web content, newsletters, releases, scripts, video treatments and other marketing collateral for businesses, who have been known to shower me with thanks and pistachio macarons (the French ones, not macaroons; though I do love coconut too).

Nina Reeder